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Seawall Repairs

Polyurethane Foam Injection

Save Your Seawall From Erosion, Washouts, Sinkholes, and More

Using modern and superior polyurethane resin injection, eliminates the flaws listed above while delivering a permanent solution to alleviating seawall cracks, sidewalks and retaining wall settlement.

  1. Seawall Savers installs poly foam chemical grout with a minimum of disruption to your landscaping and hardscape caused by excessive equipment or messy materials. (No Large Equipment)
  2. The process of polyurethane foam repair is far swifter than cement grouting and returns use of your property within hours instead of days or weeks.
  3. This restoration approach is especially capable at quickly eliminating leaks up to hundreds of gallons per minute.
  4. Our polyurethane repair is also positively environmentally safe.

The use of poly foam injection grouting is a perfect winner over concrete grouting for both the owner’s property and their bank account.


Polyurethane Repair Advantages

Polyurethane seawall repair, what we like to call the “Next Breed” approach, has a lot of rewards over both excavation and cement grout. These advantages positively address some of the weaknesses typical in the other repair options. Polyurethane seawall repair material is…

  1. Polyurethane foam installation equipment and procedures allow for a non-invasive, clean approach to repair
  2. Professionally and Efficiently injected, with minimal disturbance from equipment, labor and messy spoil materials
  3. Quickly installed, with a prompt return-to-use time
  4. Environmentally friendly

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